Art and Culture in Moscow

Art and culture in Moscow: Bolshoi theater
Bolshoi theater

Art and Culture in Moscow has strong traditions.The Bolshoi Theater is located near the Teatralnaja metro station and on the opposite street it is stared at by a stone-carved statue of Karl Marx

The classic ballet is a world famous: the tickets are expensive and they can be queued for a long time. There is also a museum in the ballet if you want to explore the famous history of ballet.

Art and culture in Moscow: Stanislavsky thetaer
Stanislavsky theater

Art and Culture in Moscow includes also literature. There are many museums and statues dedicated to writers in Moscow. Known writers have described Moscow: Tolstoy in War and Peace, Pushkin in Boris Godunov, Bulgakov in Master and Margareta Don’t forget the passionate and tragic Marina Tsetayeva, whose poems praised the old Moscow and its churches.

Pushkin, the beloved poet
Art and culture in Moscow: statue of Vysotsky
Vysotsky, singer of the streets folks
Art and culture in Moscow: Don Quiote
in the yard of Moscow  Museum of Modern Art
Don Quiote in the yard of Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Moscow art museums have a comprehensive collections of Russian art, but the collections also contain the gems of European art. Moscow’s most famous art galleries are Tretjakov’s New and Old Art Museum, and the Pushkin Art Museum.

Old Tretyakov

Art and culture in Moscow: Old Tretykov building
Old Tretyakov

In the Old Tretyakov you can admire the masters of Russian icon painting, the top painters of Russian art, Repin, Levitan and Vrubel. The old paintings describe a lot of the life of the elite and the nobility, but there are also portraits of distinguished artists and writers from the 1900 century: Tsekhov, Tolstoy, Gogol, and the portrait of Mussorsky painted by Repin.

A 15-minute walk from the old one is the new Tretyakov, concrete box on the banks of the Moskva River. On the way you can also drop  in a socialist sculpture park where you can see many of Lenin’s statues, the statue of noseless Stalin, monument built around him and his ravaged victims.

 statue of Stalin
Stalin and his victims on the background

New Tretyakov

Art and culture in Moscow:Entrance to New Tretyakov
Entrance to New Tretyakov

The new Tretyakov collection has been chronologically arranged from the beginning of the 20th century towards the revolution.

The collection shows how the Russian Folk Art inspired modernism. However, Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin´s “Bathing of a Red Horse” is probably one of the most famous paintings on the museum. The works of the socialist realism  are on display and also a little on Chagall, Kandinsky, Malevich.

Art and culture in Moscow:Funny statues in New Tretyakov statuepark
Funny statues in New Tretyakov statuepark

Pushkin Museum

The Pushkin Museum is easily reached by metro from Kropotinskaya Station, one of the most beautiful metro stations in Moscow. The museum is also close to a large golden domed Christ the Savior Cathedral, where the Pussy Riot punk prayer was organized.

Pushkin State Art Museum was established for educational purposes. The museum features copies of Michelangelo sculptures and exhibits European art from the 1500s to 1700s.

The real gem, which contains only works by European top artists, is the collection of art from the 1800s to 1900s of the Pushkin Museum in its own separate building. Among others are Matissea, Cezannea; Monet and Manet and Degas.

Contemporary art, on the other hand, can be seen, for example, in Vinzavod, an old wine factory. There are several galleries and educational facilities in the brick-red building complex with changing exhibitions