Berlin: Culture City

Berlin is traditional but also facing the future, innovative city constantly renewing itself. Berlin has its tragic history: war put mark on city and terror of Nazi power are kept in mind. On the other side Berlin seems to be permanently under construction: old buildings and cultural artifacts are being renovated. So it is recommendable to know beforehand which buildings and exhibitions are open and which are closed if you are going to Berlin .

Kaiser Wilhelm´s Gedächtniskirche, “the hollow teeth”. Broken tower reminds of horrors of war.

Berlin is full of events and attractions

There is hundreds of events in every day. Berlin has lots of museums and the collections has been laid out with imaginative skill. Meetings, conferences, international festivals and trade shows pull in visitors as well as museums and   memorials and monuments.

Theatre and cabaret has deep roots in Berlin and because of high artistic level even spectators from abroad come to see performances.

There are three Unesco World Inheritance Sites in Berlin: Castle of Sansouci, Museum Island and set of six building estates representing early modern functional architecture in Bauhaus style.

Berlin is city of creative people

Berlins new culture life arose from ruins of war. There were plenty of room and empty places in city which artists and people living alternative ways of life.

West-Berlin was much supported economically and price level was low and it is still in today in spite of that it is metropolis. Young men were free from going army so it was more and more popular for anti-war people.

When Belin was again united it had double amount of cultural institutions, theaters and concert halls compared to other cities.

In today´s metropolis live lot of artists of different kinds, designers and painters. Music industry is also a remarkable employee for musicians in town. So called creative economy: media, marketing, science and research is growing in Berlin.

Kreuzberg is legendary bohemian residential area where rents have been low but nowadays Prenzlauer Berg is gardenlike and comfortable area where new middle-class is moving in old renovated houses.

Berlin is safe and tolerant

Key to Berlins success is it diversity. Different cultures and lifestyles are living side by side. So there is something for everybody.

Mon Bijou-park by river Spree.

River Spree offers also beautiful views and atmosphere in Berlin is peaceful and relaxed. No traffic jams actually-but better to use public transport, which is well-organized. With smartphone application it is easy to find time table and routes for tram, metro and buses.

Berlin is also quite safe city, Wine and beer and rather inexpensive, street food is good and cheap and you can eat lunches and meal of different exotic cuisines at 10-15 euros.

Mon Bijou-park by river Spree.
If you are interested in cycling there is good roads and even guided city-tours with bicycle in Berlin.
Tierparken is very large green park area in center of the city. Nice place to relax and there is also zoo in the area.