City attractions in Europe

Ready to see city attractions in Europe: some cities, museums and galleries? See city-scapes, streets and buildings. Get short insights to museums, galleries, art and old history. Cultural traveling is a way to broaden your view of the world.

City attractions in Europe: Bolshoi theater in Moscow
Moscow Bolshoi theater

Inside Metropolis lies lot of precious cultural history by which the cities show their power. City attractions in Europe pull thousands and millions of tourists from all over the world.

City attractions in Europe: Monument in London city
Monument for the survival of the pest that enraged in London city

Cities tell they stories in many ways, but mostly it is a story about survival and rebuilding after wars, catastrophes or epidemics. They boast their might with many memorials and artworks. Much of the art is reflecting the ideals of the elite. There is also fragments of the life of the ordinary people—more and more when we are closer to our own times.

City attractions in Europe: Berlin Mon Bijou Park

In metropolises you can reach rich variety of different cultures in the same place, different ways of life, food, galleries, museums, monuments. Metropolis has it sides cons and pros -happenings, events, different facilities to make oneself comfortable as a guest.

City attractions in Europe: unique and original?

Museum galleries and monuments, memorials are tourists attractions. If not for pilgrimage maybe, but for inspiration and knowledge. City’s history and its originality is to be found in this places as well the future. What is common and what is usual what makes a city unique. It is also up to you to explore. Is it some small special museum like Kirov home museum in St. Petersburg which tell about a life of an elite person in Stalin’s era? Tate Gallery is store-like gallery of modern art with four floors in London by Thames where visitor can see large collection of modern art, paintings of famous artist for free.

Many cities have also been capitals of their countries. They have had strong influence on world history too. Many of UNESCO’s world cultural inheritance places are in cities or near them like Museum Island in Berlin or Sansoucci castle near it. On the other hand: Red Square in Moscow is political and symbolical place of power and religion, an icon itself as well.

If you visit metropolis or big city there are also often interesting places nearby to go easily in guided tour or just by yourself, for example place like Peterhof near St. Petersburg, imperial palace with large park area and fountains.

City attractions in Europe are changing

Cities are changing rapidly and much of old is in danger of vanishing depending on politics and attitudes. That will have deep effects of how one sees the city and how the city will present itself to us.

How cities want to be innovative and looking toward future is how they combine tradition and future. Think yourself what are the values behind that. You may like it clean and safe or romantic, bohemian, exiting. Many prefer comforts, good services and clean air. Traffic, green zones, parks are important features of city, also architecture.

Luckily many cities also invest in tourism some maybe too much also. Every Top Ten list is not objective if any. It is useful and recommended to study and learn a bit beforehand about the places and attractions you visit. The more you know of places you travel and explore the more you get out of them. The more you know the better you get along with the local people.

It is not just Internet or even in these pages you can get a lot of information about culture travelling, city history, art and culture. Many books, films or TV-series describes the cities or are made in cities and city maybe object or more or less in background.