Museums of Berlin

Museum Island

You can buy museum card which cost about 30 euros and with it you can visit over 30 museums in Berlin Museums in Berlin and memorials attract people from in and outside of Germany. Museum Island itself is Unesco´s World Inheritance place.

Altes museum

Altes Museum

Museums in Museum Island, Bode, Altes and Neues  museum, Alte National Galerei and Pergamon museum have enormous collections of western and ancient art  from Greece, Rome and Near and Middle east. Alter National Galerei has mainly German modern art and Pergamon museum is about ancient architecture.

Museum Island

Pergamon museum has also a panorama: artistic digitally constructed three-dimensional version of altar, market and ritual site—live picture of the city and its people.

In Pergamon museum you can see many reconstructions and models of ancient buildings among others the gate of Miletos and its city hall. Pergamon collections include artifacts from Babylonia and small models of tower of Babel and temple of Marduk –the religious ritual street from times of Nebuchadnezzar and beautiful gate of Ishtar. There is also Islamic art from Iran and Assyria.

Altes and Neues museums present objects and artifacts from ancient Greek, Rome and Egypt. In Bode museum you can see old statues from antique and middle-ages and also medals.

Berlin Art Museums

Altes National Galerei

This museum is small but beautiful. Menzel is the painter of the Berlin who painted industriously many kinds of pictures: official paintings presenting ruling class and workers in their hard labor and also funny self-portrait about his own crumbled foot.

German romantic painters: Böcklin and David Caspar Friedrich have interesting and dreamlike visions in their pictures. Also many famous French impressionists have a single work there.

Part of the collection of Neues National Galerei is in Hamburger Banhof. Lot of works by Joseph Beuys, but also Jeff Koons, Andy Warhol and Rolf Rauschenberg.

Hamburger Bahnhof, museum of contemporary art. Building is from middle of 19th century

Berlinische Galerei is modern art museum near Check point Charlie. In museum are all main currents of 20th century art represented from Neue Sachlichkeit to Abstract Expressionism and conceptual figuratism. Plenty of works by East-European artists and Max Lieberman, German artist also Otto Dix whose given name to museums café. Changing exhibitions are often interesting in this museum.

Other interesting art museums are private owned gallery of Käthe Kollwitz.  The conditions and despair or the poor folks are passionately described in Kollwitzes drawing and sculpture. In brücke museum you see works of German expressionist Emil Nolde among others. In Charlottenburg historical garden and park area lies Berggruen museum with early paintings by Pablo Picasso.

Other Berlin museums

With Museum card  you can visit among others Jewish Museum, Museum of German film, Spy museum and Museum of German history which is located on of them most beautiful buildings in Berlin, baroque style armory build in 1706,

Märkische Museum is museum about Berlin history where you can see important moments of City´s history, artefacts and miniatures of buildings and castles.

German history museum

Zeughaus, museum of German history

Museum is in the middle of the city and in Zeughaus are   22 reliefs by Andreas Schluter representing horrors of war, picture of Marin Luther by Louis Cranach, old discoveries. Films, pictures and artifacts tell the story of the German people with diversity.

Jewish museum

Path of Exile in Jewish Museum, Stephan X. GNU-FDL

This Berlin museum is shaped like broken David`s   Star. In   dark bottom floor the story of Jews is told with little, life and personal histories. In museum yard lies Path of exile. cement labyrinth describes the fear of Jews in time of persecution and pogroms. Upstairs are changing exhibitions which can often dealing with the situation of Jews today or even take critical distance to Israeli politics.

DDR Museum

This  private museum is opposite of Berlin Dome by the river Spree. Everyday life in totalitarian police state looks even nice and comfortable, though it was shortage of almost everything. Urban suburb, prison cell. sexual life in country without freedom, where some could live comfort private life behind the public façade travel to other socialist countries and even enjoy nudism.

German film museum

In   Sony Center you can visit the permanent collection in the 3th floor with museum card. But to get changing exhibitions you must pay. Entrance to permanent collection is impressive: cinema is genre with great emotions and stars which you can see-their shining pictures when walking on narrow ramp into the museum. Greatest of all of them was Marlene Dietrich a Berliner herself.

Weimar Republic had lively cultural life and its cinema groundbreaking with famous directors.  Fritz Lang and his films with their props are there especially interesting is of course his Metropolis, dystopia of urban life, movie that has influenced many directors of the sci-fi films.

Passionate fan of movies and history can get lot of information about German cinema.