Old Berlin

Old Berlin tries to live in new and changing Berlin. City does not have actual center-but different central places but squares or plazas where malls, sky-scrapers office buildings lie. Potzamer Plazt were Is Sony Center and near it the Kulturforum, Berlin Aleksanderplazt former East-Berlin area. Freidscheidsplatz where lies Europa center and Mercedes Benz building with company´s logo.

The TV-tower in Aleksanderplatz stands and looks over the city everywhere.

Reichstag German Parliament

Old Berlin: architecture

Museum Island along the river Spree and the Mon Bijou Park opposite of it are nice places to relax. On the other side   Hansaviertel presents dynamic part of “ Wirtschafstwunder” in West-Germany with its individual block of flats and small houses and green spaces.

City has been a dwelling place of absolute   monarch capital city of Prussia and Brandenburg. Today Brandenburg gate and Pariser platz are central places in Berlin. Near Reichstag building are new modern government buildings for united German in 2000´s.

Gate of Brandenburg and Pariser Platz
Horses and German eagle of the gate

Unter den Linden is an old boulevard surrounded by trees. Old Adlon hotel and Russian   embassy building are wort seeing by the boulevard.

Gedarmemarkt is beautiful piazza in the center of city. There are two old churches French and German domes by the square from 1800th century and old Concert Hall. In front of the Concert hall is statue of Schciller the famous German writer.

Schiller with muses in Gendarmemarkt, Old Concert House behind him

Middle-Age in Berlin

Nikolaiviertel is idyllic city-block in Berlin beside the old Nikolai church. On the way to the Nikolai Church you can see the ruins of middle-age  cloister made of red brick which is typical Berlin gothic style.

Ruins of old Fransiscan cloister

Maria church is another middle-age church and there is famous fresco of the “Dance of the Death” from year 1485.

Nikolaiviertel: middle-age in Berlin Mitte

Nikolaiviertel is very idyllic and peaceful place and it was renovated by DDR: s time more or less successfully

Near Nikolai church is bookstore and pub dedicated to Zille. He made satirical pictures with humorous texts witty in Berlin way about poor and dark side of Berlin and was very popular in his time.

Berlin Aleksanderplatz

Urania world clock, popular meeting place in Berlin Alexander Platz

Berlin Aleksanderplatz was well known lively place between world wars in 1920s and 1930s. but was destroyed completely in bombings of Berlin in 1945. Red building Rote Rathaus is from 19th century and it is the center of the city council today.

Berlin Aleksanderplatz Tv- tower was built in 1960s and tower is about 350 high and you can see in clear weather about 40 km distance. There is a restaurant in 200 meter level in tower. About the same time the world clock Urania was build which is a popular meeting place for people today.

Topography of terror

This free exhibition describes the sad Nazi times, when secret polices captured, killed, tortured and put people in concentration camps and raided in Europe. The Jew had it worst. They had been remarkable part of city`s cultural life for 19th century but they were almost completely destroyed.

Topograhpy of terror tells gruel history of Nazi politics