St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is former capital of Russia. St.Petersburg is full of palaces, bridges and beautiful churches.

Peter the Great, founder of St.Petersburg
Peter the Great, founder of St.Petersburg
St. Petersburg :Old Shopping Center, Gostiny Dvor by Nevsky Prospekt
Old Shopping Center, Gostiny Dvor by Nevsky Prospekt

The St. Petersburg  great highway is  Nevsky Prospekt, which runs through the city beginning from the historic center Hermitage with its Winter palaces. It   passes the 19th century Gostiny Dvor shopping center, which features branded products, home appliances, food and souvenirs on two floors.

St. Petersburg: Hermitage Art Museum
Hermitage Art Museum

Founded by imperial majesty, St. Petersburg, with its canals is the Venice of North. City is beautiful with palaces, splendor, but its history  also contains misery and suffering.

Churches in St.Petersburg

Former Leningrad, a city besieged by the Germans, lost a large part of its population during the Second World War, as it is illustrated by the Leningrad siege museum. There are many beautiful old churches in St. Petersburg: the Church on the Blood, the typical Russian church, and the Isaacs gold domed church built in roman style.

St. Petersburg Church on the Blood, build on the place where Zar Alexander II, was murdered
Church on the Blood, build on the place where Zar Alexander II, was murdered
St. Petersburg St Isaacs Cathedral
St Isaacs Cathedral
Canal and Church
Canal and Church
St. Petersburg Nevsky Lavra, Cloister
Nevsky Lavra, Cloister

The River Neva is the main artery of St. Petersburg and along the river there is Hermitage, Admirality building with its peak and Ethnography-museum Kunstkamera, from which you can go on a canal cruise to explore the history of the city.

From the Nevsky Prospekt  you can see the Kazan Cathedral, a neoclassical orthodox church dating back to the early 19th century, which is curved by a columnar that resembles Rome’s St. Petersburg square.

Kazan Dome
Kazan Dome

Buildings in St.Petersburg

There are many old beautiful houses and coherent building complexes in St. Petersburg. In the center are the grand old hotels, Singer House, home of the famous Dom Knigi bookstore and café. Ethnic restaurants, but also American chains, MacDonalds, Burger King and Starbucks can be found in St. Petersburg.

Local canteens offer inexpensive and healthy food and Russian favorites include Georgian restaurants and sushi bars.

St. Petersburg Singer House
Singer House
The Egyptian Bridge
The Egyptian Bridge
Haymarket Metro Station and shopping center in Sadovaya