Story of the City


Yeowmen Wardens, dressed in red- black suits, are guides to the history of the Tower. They tell Story of the City to tourists in their own personal style.That is included in the entrance fee to this museum complex.

Story of the City London Inside Tower
Inside Tower

The tower is intertwined with the history of the nation, the dramatic power struggle between the rulers. The Tower has also been a prison, with its gloomy and fascinating history: executions that were carried out publicly on a nearby hill at Tower Hill.

Story of the City The Armory in Tower
The Armory
Story of the City Royal Seat from Middle-Ages in Tower
Royal Seat from Middle-Ages
Memorial of the executed, weeping fountain
Memorial of the executed, weeping fountain
White Tower
White Tower

The Tower’s fortress was made up of several towers and symbolically most important one is the White Tower, built in the 12th century, which is one of the most remarkable buildings of the era that have survived to this day. Now it serves as a showroom of old weapons and armors.

In the courtyard, there is a white medieval style residential building and a modern work of art: sorrowful fountain that sheds its water in memory of the executed. There was also a zoo in the Tower. It was born from the gifts: lions and other strange beasts that  medieval rulers gave to the kings of England.

Zoo was on the Tower
Zoo was on the Tower
Fireplace from middle-age in Kings appartment in Tower
Fireplace from middle-age in Kings appartment

Edward I built the tower of St. Thomas and he lived there in the 12th-13th centuries. An old medieval palace, a living room with a fireplace and a small chapel can be seen by the public.

At the center of the Tower, in the Waterloo Barracks, is the UK’s  crown jewelry: crowns of many kings, rods, swords, globus crucigers, ornamental tunics and tableware used in crowning.

Story of the City Waterloo Barracks in Tower
Waterloo Barracks


Story of the City is nothing without Shakespeare and his time. Copy of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater lies along the Thames, right next to the Tate Modern Museum. It is a creation of American actor Sam Wanamaker. Building was completed in 1997 and is located just over a hundred meters from the original theater.

Story of the City Shakespeare's Globe
Shakespeare’s Globe

There is also a museum in the theatre, which through the models, objects and costumes gives a picture of Shakespeare’s theater, its surroundings and the life of the era. Museum has an entrance fee and in the mornings, guided tour is available.

Inside Globe Theatre
Inside Globe

The Globe was imitating a circular part of a Roman amphitheater, with sides  of a covered spectator space and in the middle of cheap standing places under the open sky.

Shakespeare’s plays are shown in the theatre but you must reserve them in good time before hand via web.